[COVID-19] Exceptions on Korean Visa Issuance for Residents in France

Korea announced in March the suspension of the issuance of all Korean visas for residents in France. However some exceptions can be granted.

Due to the active involvement of the French-Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) together with the French authorities to defend the interests of the French community in Korea, eased restrictions on Korean visa application of residents in France were announced after weeks of discussions.

On April 19th, the  Korea Visa Application Center (KVAC) published that some visas can be granted by derogation in the following cases:

Long-term visas:

  • A-1, A-2, A-3 (diplomatic and official missions)
  • D-2 (only students with a government-invited scholarship)
  • D-7, D-8, D-9 (residence, investment, trade)
  • E-1~E-7 except E 6-2 (highly qualified workers)
  • F-3-1 (expats' families)
  • F-6-1 (spouse of Korean national)
  • Long-term visa applicants whose urgent reasons are recognized as humanitarian reasons

Short-term visas:

  • Diplomacy Official
  • Essential business activities* such as Investment, technology provision (including important business purposes)
  • Seamen Transit (C-3-11)
  • Family member of a Korean national (spouse, child, spouse's parents)**
  • Family member (spouse, minor child) of foreigners living in Korea with long-term visas**
  • Recognized humanitarian reasons (Mandatory to submit relevant supporting documents)**

*In principle, visa issuance is only possible if the relevant ministry in Korea recognizes the essentiality of the business activities and officially asks in writing for cooperation to the Diplomatic Mission. 

**Exception categories 4., 5., 6 need to submit a statement explaining the purpose of trip (free format).


Expedited visa issuance is possible only at discretion of the head of the Diplomatic Mission, whereas urgent reasons are justified. Visas for the abovementionned exceptions are issued upon thorough verification and confirmation of the purpose of entry and after sufficient screening period (14 days or more). If the exception is granted, visa applications are handled by the newly opened Korea Visa Application Center (KVAC) in Paris. 

The prolongation of visas and resident cards for French residents already in Korea are not affected by this decision and can be carried out as usual.

FKCCI will keep on pursuing its efforts towards thriving French-Korean cooperation and give you timely information, so don't hesitate to ask us our assistance at so that we can help you on a case by case basis. 


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