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Nouveau programme de LBI : le Luxury Visual Merchandising

Luxury Business Institute Korea New Program: Luxury Visual Merchandising






What is the Luxury Visual Merchandising and its purpose ?

- Identify global visual merchandising trends and the core of luxury client experience.
- Develop a practical approach of visual merchandising techniques to directly improve sales and brand loyalty.
- Get insights from experts in the luxury and VM related fields
- Add values to your resume and career with a 9 weeks exclusive program

Established since 2009 in Korea, Luxury Business Institute Korea, is a leading consulting and training company specialized in the Luxury industry. With offices in Jeju, Busan, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Paris, LBI is a global luxury business partners. The Luxury Visual Merchandising Program is an exclusive program delivered by field experts offering an operational approach to optimize the retail strategy.

The program encompasses visual merchandising techniques enhancing the client experience by focusing on the aesthetic dimension of the product and brand presentation; as well as attracting the client attention and desirability. Luxury Visual Merchandising Program goes beyond the product display, by redefining the codes and concepts of the boutique atmosphere and developing new approach of traffic management and merchandising path. Indeed, LBI defines VM as great growth leverage of traffic, sales and brand loyalty.

The Luxury Visual Merchandising program is conducted by distinguished lecturers such as JUNG, So-Y (CEO of Vomus Design), GWON, Jin-ju C(EO of Chiyun Design), PARK, Jong-hyeon, (CEO of Bright Bell) or PARK, Yeong-chun, former deputy director of Samsung Art & Design Institute.

“In the luxury market, brand values and client experiences are crucial; consequently, VMD is a foremost domain of expertise to master as it becomes fundamental for each brand and boutique. From the premise, we saw at LBI increasing demands for VMD courses” said Hur Sylvia, LBI Chief Learning Officer, who led the program development. In addition, she explained, “the program has been developed according to LBI standards with a great focus on operational approach to deliver ready to use tools and techniques on the boutique floor in order to improve participants expertise".

The Luxury Visual Merchandizing program of LBI is now open for registration.

For further information on the Luxury Visual Merchandising Program, please send e-mail to or call 02-2185-8274.

■ Luxury Visual Merchandising Program Overview

▷ Essentials
 • Retail Business Paradigm
• Luxury client Experience
• Shopper Centric Design Principles
• Store in Global Luxury Brands
• Sales Performance Vs. Display
• Shopper Marketing
• Colors & Lighting

▷ Objectives
• Increase traffic store and turn visitors into clients: increase sales and average purchase.
• Foster customer loyalty by delivering the brand promise through boutique environment and aesthetic dimension.
 • Improve VMD expertise through operational approach and ready to use tools and techniques • Nurture personal network with relevant industry members

▷ Target
• Graduated & Ungraduated Students who want to develop a professional career in the area
 • Retail store employee who want to improve personal expertise by better understanding VM
• VM manager (1 to 3 years’ experience) who want to improve operational expertise beyond theories ▷ Calendar
 • From July 1st to August 26th, 2017
 • 9 weeks program: every Saturday from 2.00pm to 6.00pm.

▷ Tuition Fees
• 1,500,000KRW
 • Early birds (6/23): 10% discount / 1,350,000KRW

▷ Venue
• Luxury Business Institute Korea: 4th flr. Baegang Bldg., Seonneung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


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