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Seoul to host the second P4G Summit on climate from Sunday

Seoul to host the second P4G summit on climate from Sunday

On May 30th and 31st, South Korea will take the lead on global talks about climate change and sustainability at P4G Summit 2021.

What is P4G? 

Partnering for Green Growth & Global Goals 2030 (P4G) is a climate change and sustainability platform complementing the conventional government-led UN system. Partners of P4G include 12 countries from every continent, 6 organizations and some 240 business titans like Samsung Electronics and Nestlé. The final objective of this ecosystem is twofold: successfully achieve the Paris agreement goals and search for pioneering solutions to UN Sustainable Development Goals, intended to be achieved by 2030.  


"Green We Go, Change We Make” 

The upcoming summit is the second edition of the summit series following the 2018 P4G Copenhagen Summit. President Moon Jae-In will kick off the two-day event with an opening speech on Sunday, May 30th. Moon will also attend a thematic session on carbon neutrality on Monday alongside other Heads of State who will particpate virtually, such as President Emmanuel Macron, Joe Biden, and PM Boris Johnson. Numerous Korean businessmen such as SK Group and Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Chey Tae-won will deliver speeches.  

This will be the first multilateral summit on climate hosted by South Korea and is perfectly aligned with the president’s climate promise “Green New Deal” that boasts an investment of 61.9 billion USD in green plans. At the end of the event, all participants will sign the 2015 Seoul Declaration, a document initiated by Korea and the UN acknowledging the grave environmental threats and promising an effort towards urban sustainability. 




Breakout sessions taking place before the summit consist of climate experts delivering insights into green transition in areas like the tech and finance industries. All sessions are open to the public but registration is required beforehand. 

  • 24/05 to 29/05: “Green Future” breakout sessions with guest climate experts 

  • 30/05 and 31/05: Summit sessions with global leaders 

  • 31/05: Thematic sessions on Water, Energy, Food & Agriculture, Cities, and Circular economy 




The summit will serve as a platform of encounter and exchange at many levels in order to act towards the upcoming COP26.   

  • At private sector level, ideas for innovative eco-friendly technologies will be shared between businesses in the same field.  

  • At public sector level, the focus will be on mobilizing further investments by governments and organizations to expand current investment level at 292 million US dollars in order to meet climate ambitions set by the UN.  

  • Moreover, the goal of the summit on a bigger scale is to accelerate public-private relationships to take action towards the global climate agenda and have flexible and replicable impacts, for instance on the subject of carbon neutrality. 


Official website of P4G summit 2021 


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