[UPDATE - COVID-19] Social distancing rules in the greater Seoul area

Find here the latest updates on social distancing rules applied in the greater Seoul area since July

The level 4 of social distancing is applied in the greater Seoul area, and level 3 is applied to other regions since July and extended until October 3rd. The 10 p.m. business curfew for restaurants, bars and cafes remains in effect. 

The level 4 is applied when the daily number of cases exceeds 4 for 100,000 people, which that means 389 cases per day for Seoul, or 1,000 cases per day for Seoul metropolitan area or 2,000 cases per day nationwide. Sanitary restrictions are likely to be extended as Korea experienced its peak of Covid-19 cases in the aftermath of Chuseok holidays (3,272 on Friday 24th).

Main social distancing measures in level 4 are as described below. 

Private gatherings
- Up to 4 people allowed before 6pm / Up to 6 people if 2 are fully vaccinated (14 days after last shot)
- Up to 2 people allowed after 6pm / Up to 4 people if 2 are fully vaccinated

All events and rallies are banned except for one-person protests.

All-remote classes

Comply with the number of guests allowed per room (Open 2/3 rooms only)

Multi-Purpose Facilities
1 person per 8m2 (few exemptions)
Operating hours : restrictions after 10 PM
No gatherings : all adult entertainment facilities

Recommended: flexible working hours, flexible lunch break, remote work for 30% of staff for workplaces is recommended (except for manufacturing)

Essential business activities are subject to the restrictions provided for private gatherings.
- Are essential business activities : business meetings , interviews and meetings for employee recruitment.
- Are a private gathering : meal before or after a business meeting, corporate internal meeting for team building or friendship purpose
Meal during an internal face-to-face meeting should be avoided. It is a private gathering if it takes place in a restaurant.


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