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Atelier des Cahiers
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Atelier des Cahiers is a French publishing company working between Seoul and Paris since 2006, and specialized in books about Korea and East Asia. It covers a wide range of topics, with 6 collections:

- “Litteratures” introduces classics of Korean literature translated in French or French fictions about Korea. There is also a sub-collection for children books and one of the “great short-story writers of Asia”.

- “Essais” covers the academic and non-academic essays.

- “Seonbi” is a collection presenting old texts about Asia which have been out of print for a long time, with notes and essays to introduce the context.

- “Cahiers de Corée” is a thematic collection about everything Korean.

- “La Corée cent façons” introduces Korean culture through its texts in thematic anthologies.

- “Images” explores the iconic dimension of Korean culture.

Atelier des Cahiers is distributed by Pollen-CEDIF in Europe, and in Kyobo bookshops in Korea.


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