Grevin Museum



Grévin Museum’s wax figures are intricately crafted by masters and displayed at a space decorated in fantastic theme. Grévin Seoul features over 80 wax figures, including Hallyu stars like Psy and G-Dragon, and world-famous sports stars including Yuna Kim. Korean historical figures including King Sejong and Admiral Yi Sun-shin are exhibited along with world-renowned celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Tom Cruise. Grévin Seoul is a unique interactive wax museum attraction allowing an immersive experience into different worlds such as Hallyu, Sport, International movie, Korean history, Parisian Fashion workshop, Star make-up room, Casino, Official World Leader’s aircraft, giving the unique opportunity to be as close as ever with the wax double of the Celebrities of those worlds and to take selfies and interact with them, as if they were meeting them in real life. The museum has also a nice café.



(02) 777-4700



-10% discount for Grevin Museum ticket (for maximum 4 persons)
-10% discount for café Grevin (exclude bottle drink, liquor)


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