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[IT-Concept 채용] SQL/ software maintenance (Full-Time)

SQL/ software maintenance (Full-Time)

"IT CONCEPT is a technology consulting and technology outsourcing company located in Seoul. We are specialized in infrastructure server, network, web and security.

Our multicultural team (Korean, English and French speaking consultants) support companies in the achievements of their projects with a range of turnkey personalized IT solutions."


Job offer

Handling support requests with a Korean client, on a specific finance software.

Mainly Tier 1 technical troubleshooting (resolution usually involve coding & configuring, and coordination with the Client managers & developpers).

In particular:

SQL base optimization, fine tuning, and scripting, introducing indexes, identifying query bottleneck, interpreting the SQL performance report.

It’s a requirement for the engineer to take time to understand how the whole system is built, and be able to optimize the SQL rules, focusing on:

- Keeping the code up to date and prepare for upcoming changes

- Fasten the loading time at maximum for the user

Coordination with Asia-Pacific IT team to escalate complex issues

Follow up issues, communicate/translate to the Client any appropriate info

Proactive attitude is expected: the engineer is expected to help both IT-Concept and the Client performances, to prevent potential upcoming issues, to suggest improvements, to alert when critical issues arise, etc.

The engineer does regular dispatch at the Client office in Seoul (Jongno-gu), and work the remaining time either in IT-Concept's office or remotely.

Duration: 6 Months probation time, which transitions to a 1-year fixed term contract (renewed each year).

No Visa provided for this position. The applicant must be Korean or already have a Visa to stay and work in Korea (F-series for example)

Working laptop & working space provided by IT-Concept.


Profile required

At least 2 years experience in SQL handling/optimization


Abilities in MS-SQL 2016 (at least MS-SQL 2008+)

Knowledge on,, and DBA is a plus (though part of it can be learned with us)

Previous experience in User Support or any work where handling Customer relationship in frontal


Korean native or very fluent, to handle direct relationship with the Korean client.

English proficiency (only working English, and mainly written english. We don't care if you make grammar/spelling mistakes, as long as we understand each other enough to work together. We are not english natives either, anyway).

-Professional attitude in verbal/email communications

-Organized enough to keep track of different tasks/tickets and to follow up his communication with the Client

-Curious & self-governing (able to learn by himself, and anticipate consequences of his work)


Position available asap

If interested, please send your resume +cover letter at

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