Korean cinema industry will celebrate this October 2019 its 100th year anniversary!

Directed by Kim Do-san, “The Righteous Revenge” is the first ever Korean movie released in October 27th, 1919. Therefore, in 1966, the Korean government chose October 27th as the official “day of cinema”.

“Korean cinema had its earliest beginning at the time of the March First Independence Movement, when Korea fought for independence,” explained Korean actress Chang Mi-hee, co-head of Korean Film Council’s committee KOFIC.

KOFIC has put up several events in Korea and abroad (United States, Russia or China), until the end of October to honor this centenary. Korean films festivals such as the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival or the Busan International Film will show a digital restauration of old movies. Academic seminars will be organized to discuss the future of Korean cinema. Different projects have also been created like the realization of an omnibus-part film (different films on the same subject: Korean cinema) by 100 Korean directors (50 men and 50 women), that will be released in October.

With 1.6 milliards box office revenue, Korea is the fifth country leading the world wild film market. Like for K-pop, Korean cinema is gaining more and more international recognition especially in France. After winning the Cannes Festival biggest price, La Palme d’Or, Bong Joon-ho and his movie “Parasite” (기생중) has attracted 1.3 millions French viewers. A first for a Korean movie. Before “Parasite”, other Korean movies succeed abroad such as Yeon Sang-ho’s movie “Last train to Busan” (부산행).

Therefore, Korean cinema contributes to the global expansion of “hallyu”, the Korean culture.

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