FKCCI French Business Awards 2020

For the second time ever, the French-Korean business community is gathering to celebrate its highest achievers across various sectors! This year again, we are happy to invite you to apply to the French Business Awards 2020, which will be given in front of +100 guests and journalists during our ceremony on March 9th, 2020.

Why applying?


At first, in Korea...
The winners will be granted with a whole communication package: a one month online banner on FKCCI website and blogs, a posting on social networks, newsletter and e-mailing, an article in Corée Affaires Magazine, and exposure in front of the French Korean business community during the prize ceremony.

Then in France !
The winners will also receive international recognition. The international network of French CCI abroad, CCI France International, organizes every year a Trophy Ceremony at the end of June where all worldwide award winners can compete. The 2020 edition will be held on June 29th, under the guidance of Mr. Antoine FREROT, CEO of Veolia.

Discover the last Edition of CCIFI Trophies

Application Deadline: Feb. 24th 2020


For this edition, we are launching three more categories, including for Korean companies, which makes the total number of 6 awards: Entrepreneur, Corporate Social Responsibility, Innovation, Start-up, French Local Partnership and Best Korean Company Settlement in France.



This Award is granted to companies, which demonstrated that their commercial deals and their strategies are involved in social, ethical and environmental concerns or in human right concerns.



This Award is granted to companies, created in Korea by at least one French citizen who didn't receive help from France, also offering fascinating outlook and having achieved remarkable growth in 2019.



This Award is for successful associations between French and Korean companies, with the aim of encouraging technology sharing or expertise. These associations may, for example, take the form of a joint-venture.



This Award is granted to companies, having developed a technological innovation, which contributed to commercial growth for France internationally in 2019.



This Award is granted to companies recently created by at least one French citizen, distinguished by its creativity, originality, dynamics, growth prospects or capacity to raise funds.



This Award is granted to companies that have invested in France for the last 3 or 4 years, with significant contributions in terms of job creation, innovation, economic impact on the territory of France and investment achieved.


FKCCI Business Awards 2019 Winners

You can be the next one!

  • “Product and Service of the Year”: Thales Korea
  • “Entrepreneur”: France Gourmet and Adriel.AI
  • "Corporate Social Responsibility": Bolloré Logistics

테마별 소식



2019 한불상공회의소 갈라 영상을 소개합니다!

제30회 한불상공회의소 갈라 'Extended Monaco'가 지난 2019년 12월 7일 그랜드 하얏트 서울에서 열렸습니다. 한불상공회의소는 다시 한번 이번 2019 갈라에 후원해주신 모든 분들께 감사의 인사를 전해드립니다!

Bosun Kim, Présidente de la French Tech Seoul (1ère à droite) accompagne les startups Dot, Marine Innovation et Piquant au salon ChangeNOW 2020

체인지나우 2020 (ChangeNow 2020) 개최

기술을 통해 환경과 사회문제를 해결해 나가자는 취지의 세계 최대 박람회 ‘체인지나우 2020’(ChangeNow 2020)가 지난 30일 파리 그랑팔레에서 개최되었다. 한국에서는 기술 스타트업인 마린이노베이션, 닷, 파이퀀트 3곳이 참가했으며, 이들은 프렌치테크 서울과...


취업 & 교육

아지앙스: Digital Marketing Specialists

Let’s transform the digital experience. Asiance is an award winning full-service digital agency centered in Seoul and Tokyo with over 60 digital...

2020 연례 총회: 한불상공회의소 신규 이사진 선출

한불상공회의소는 지난 10일 연례 총회를 통해 새로운 이사진을 선출했습니다. 신규 이전한 한불상공회의소 공간에서 개최된 이번 행사를 통해 2020년 한불상공회의소 발전 계획 수립 및 신규 프로젝트를 소개할 수 있는 기회를 가졌습니다.

박영선 중소벤처기업부 장관 "유망 해외 스타트업 韓 정착 지원"

2019년, 벤처 투자 규모가 사상 처음으로 4조 원을 넘어섰다. 국내 총생산(GDP)대비 벤처투자 비중도 미국, 이스라엘, 중국에 이어 세계 4위를 기록했으며, 벤처투자가 4조원을 넘어선 것은 지난해가 처음이다. 박영선 중소기업부 장관은 "2020년에도 해외 스타트업...

FKCCI French Business Awards 2020

FKCCI French Business Awards 2020

For the second time ever, the French-Korean business community is gathering to celebrate its highest achievers across various sectors! This year...

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