Le Marché de Noël au Parc du Ginkgo

This time of the year has come again to get ready for one of the nicest events of Seoul's year end: French Christmas Market in Seorae Maeul will be held on December 10, 2016.

This year will be very special as it will stand as one of the closing events of the celebration of the 130th anniversary of establishing diplomatic ties between Korea and France and of the Year of France in Korea. 

Last year, a few thousands of people, Korean and foreign visitors, walked around the Ginkgo Park to enjoy food, crafts and other activities of the Christmas Fair. This year, surface will be extended to welcome more booths and visitors.

Some key facts about French Christmas Market :

Lucky draw tickets sold, thirty booths, 90 liters of mull wines and 500 cups of hot coffee, handfuls of sweets and dozens of letters collected by Santa Claus ...

Thanks to our sponsors and many visitors, total benefits, ie over 9,500,000 won for last year edition, were donated to Charities  by the co-organizers (the French Associations:ADFE and AFC) and the city of Seocho.

A lot of Sponsors support this event to make it even more enjoyable, such as deLonghi, Axa, Renault Samsung Motors, Bolloré, L'Oréal, D.P.J & Partners, Bluebell, Champagne MUMM, Nescafe, Boston Dental Clinic, Adidas and many local providers.


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