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Bunker des Lumières opens 4th exhibition 'Cezanne, The Lights of Provence'

Bunker des Lumières, 4th exhibition 'Cezanne, The Lights of Provence' opens

Bunker des Lumières fascinated 1.8 million audiences, opens an exhibition that will color this winter with the light of Provence!

"Bunker des Lumières”, a member of FKCCI as well as Korea's first immersive art exhibition hall located in Seongsan, Jeju, is launching the new exhibition "Cezanne, The Lights of Provence" that will run from November 4 to October 15, 2023.   

The exhibition reinterprets the work of Paul Cezanne, the father of modern painting and a post-impressionist artist who explored the nature of things in color and form, with light and music. In addition, visitors are invited to the colorful art world of Cezanne from early to late works by focusing on his hometown "Aix-en-Provence" which has greatly inspired Cezanne's work activities such as "Mont Sainte-Victoire" and "Bibémus' Quarry."

In Short Show "Kandinsky, The Odyssey of Abstraction" Wassily Kandinsky's work, the founder of abstract painting that expresses the rhythm and dynamics of color, is projected everywhere on a flat canvas. The exhibition starts with Kandinsky's early envisioned work and leads the audience to his abstract paintings, including "Composition VIII" and "Yellow-Red-Blue," giving a dreamy feeling of swimming the universe created by the master.


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