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[Corée Affaires 111] Timeline of Metaverse and NFT

[Corée Affaires 111] Timeline of Metaverse and NFT

Discover the timeline of metaverse and NFT with our infography.

Metaverse and NFT have blown-up and become mainstream in 2021.

But these blockchain-based technologies' history goes back much further than most imagine: the term "metaverse was coined as early as 1992, and the phenomenon knew important developments in the 2000s, before morphing with the diversification of blockchain's uses in the 2010s and making a comeback with Facebook's recent "Meta" rebranding.




Meanwhile, NFT have been issued and exchanged on a niche market since 2014. Only recently, with the highly publicized sale of artist Beeple's "Everydays: The First 5000 Days" for $69.3 M, did they start gaining considerable momentum.

This enthusiasm is best illustrated by the creation of Korea's first NFT sales platform in May 2021, or by the birth French NFT-based game Sorare, which raised the biggest funding in French Tech history in September 2021 ($680 M).



Towards the end of 2021, metaverse and NFT started generating even more interest. Striking illustrations of this new gained popularity are their current central place in brands' strategies, but also in governments'. If France and Korea recognize NFT's importance back in Fall 2021 by discussing a possible imposition of NFT, Korean presidential candidates seem to have gone even further since by making NFT and metaverse stakes in the 2022 election.



To download our inforgraphy in French and Korean, click below:


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