Muser launches its e-commerce platform "Now in Seoul"

Muser launches its e-commerce platform "Now in Seoul"

Muser Company, specialized in promotion, development, import and distribution between France and Korea, launches its e-commerce platform Now in Seoul

Now in Seoul, as its name suggests, is a platform that introduces Korea's trendiest products to the world, so that people can enjoy Korean lifestyle and culture anywhere. 

Today, there are two main types of online commerce that introduce Korean products abroad. It is divided into a global site of a famous large platform in Korea and a small general private shopping mall. Now in Seoul aims at being a customer- and seller-friendly platform that adds the advantages of both types. 

From the seller's point of view, there is no entry fee, and the sales commission rate is relatively low. In addition, Now in Seoul oversees deliveries, customs clearance, and customer CS, reducing the burden on sellers. 

Customers have the advantage of being able to easily purchase various and interesting Korean products in one place. A personal shopping mall has the disadvantage of having a limited product lineup, whereas a platform-type shopping mall has the advantage of being able to browse a wider variety of products. In fact, on Now In Seoul, many sellers select products with their own ideas and present a variety of product lines. 

If the image of Korea depended on electronic devices 10 years ago and was propagated by the Hallyu wave for the last few years, now it has acquired universal recognition. The fact that Korea was invited and benchmarked at the last G7 summit, which gathered leaders of a few advanced countries, is one proof among many others. In short, Korean branding has been strengthening around the world. 


‘Now in Seoul’ is the intersection between the brand ‘Korea’, a country you can trust, and the global e-commerce trend that has grown tremendously since the coronavirus pandemic. 


* Now in Seoul can ship worldwide. It has already been sold and shipped to over 30 countries around the world. 

- Europe: France, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland 

Americas: USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Martinique 

Oceania: Australia 

Asia: Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, Saudi Arabia 


Discover the platform here:  


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