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Pernod Ricard Korea expects ‘a Korean dynamic’ ready to bloom in drinking

French-based global wine and spirits company Pernod Ricard Korea, plans to infuse Korean culture into company’s various alcohol lineups.


As the coronavirus pandemic has limited business operations on bars and restaurants thus increasing alcoholic consumption at home, demand for high-end liquor has been growing. Korea’s annual whisky import surged to $175 million last year, which is the highest since 2015, making Korea one of the top markets for high-end aged whisky.


Frantz Hotton, CEO of Pernod Ricard Korea said in an interview to the Korea Herald, “I think the recent virus context was a period for discovery and indulgence as we all spent more time at home and received many more digital invitations for new experiences. […] Actually, K-culture hasn’t really yet impacted alcohol beverage innovation. I think Korean consumers are ready to pursue and experience new things and trends in our industry too.”


PRK said it will cogitate ways to innovate the future of whisky across all generations. In this sense, PRK launched a creative Malibu and tteokbokki food pairing promotion last year. Earlier in January 2022, the company also launched its new “Time Well Spent” campaign to solidify its position as a market leader in the local whiskey market, with the goal to appeal to a wide range of consumers in collaboration with new brand ambassadors, actor Ju Ji-hoon (Antique, Kingdom), and singer Minho (SHINee).


While home-drinking has been growing, the company is also concerned about responsible drinking culture, especially among the youth, through the launch of its “Make Memories, Not Hangover” campaign earlier this month, aiming at addressing the dangers of binge-drinking and sharing practical tips.


Finally, PRK is planning to launch the program, “the bar world of tomorrow” this year, to educate bartenders and bar owners on how to run their businesses in a more sustainable and responsible way.



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