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Schneider Korea Innovation Talks : A Way Forward for Industry

Innovation Talks: A Way Forward for Industry 

An action plan to navigate a dynamic and disrupted world

Modern industrial operations must constantly react to highly dynamic conditions — and that was before the current economic disruption. Now, agility has taken on a whole new meaning as people navigate highly-unusual working conditions, unprecedented market dynamics, and interrupted supply chains.

  • How can we do a better job operating remotely when facility access and travel is limited or restricted?
  • Where should we adjust systems to reduce downtime and optimize efficiency?
  • What can we do to become more flexible and resilient to global disruptions in the future?


Schneider Electric Korea will share customer-lead  success  stories, enabling technologies,  and best practices for adapting operations in our new reality. Attendees will experience a virtual walkthrough  of Schneider Electric’s Smart Factory  in Batam, Indonesia,  designated as an Advanced 4th  Industrial  Revolution  Lighthouse  by the  World Economic Forum and the  Ministry  of Industry  of the  Republic of Indonesia,  to serve as an inspiration for successful  digital transformation  of existing production  systems,  innovative  value  chains,  and building new business  models.


• Day1 - June 23rd: Workforce Empowerment

Turn to your best assets – your workforce. Empower your employees to make fast, informed decisions that improve productivity and operational efficiency.
Remote management lets operators continue to adjust systems and conduct maintenance even when access to the plant is limited.
Reducing cybersecurity threats and risks to your operations can improve business continuity and your prospects for long-term recovery.

• Day2 - June 24th: Operational Agility

Disrupted supply chains are the new normal. You may need to make fundamental changes to your supply chain to keep your plant running and avoid future setbacks.
As market dynamics and consumer behavior undergo drastic changes, you need to make sure your assets are available for production when needed, avoid unplanned downtime, and use maintenance resources and digital services efficiently. Asset management solutions - including analytics - can improve the overall equipment effectiveness of your plant and extend asset lifecycles.

• Day3 - June 25th: Efficiency and Profitability 

It’s easy for the bottom line to take a backseat to more pressing issues during critical times. But it’s essential to continue to find ways to reduce maintenance costs, extend asset life and reduce energy and waste management costs.
Any steps you take to offset revenue loss now will put you that much closer to positively impacting profitability when economic and world conditions return to more predictable levels. In the meantime, working together can increase the resiliency and agility of our industrial ecosystem.



Join for a series of online  sessions to discover practical steps you can take right now to increase resiliency and agility. (Link :

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