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‘Theatre des Lumières’ will open on May 27 with its first exhibition on Klimt

‘Theatre des Lumières’ will open on May 27 with its first exhibition <Theatre des Lumières: Klimt>

The original immersive exhibition ‘Theatre des Lumières’ will finally open on May 27 with the inaugural programme < Theatre des Lumières: Klimt>.

Theatre des Lumières’ is the second project of immersive exhibition 'Lumières series' held by Tmonet (CEO Park Jin-woo) following Bunker des Lumières, the first exhibition which received enthusiastic response from visitors. Tmonet chose ‘Walkerhill Theatre’ at Walkerhill Hotel & Resorts in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul as the venue for its second exhibition.

‘Walkerhill Theatre’, which has served as a symbol of the culture industry of Korea for about 50 years since its establishment in 1963, is now reborn with 'lights' illuminated by ‘Theatre des Lumières’. ‘Theatre des Lumières’ plans to fully utilize the spatial characteristics of the theatre including lights and stage settings as well as its overwhelming scale of 3,305m2 in total area and 21m in height, proving a more special and emotional experience to visitors.

In addition, HD projectors and servers to implement more than 3,000 HD licensed images, speakers, audio/video automation systems, 3D sound and other advanced technologies are combined together to give the essence of immersive exhibition. As being surrounded by works and music presented by beam projectors and speakers in the grand exhibition hall, visitors can encounter a unique artistic experience as if they are the main characters. By doing so, they can feel free to get immersed in the world of art and become active participants, rather than passive objects that simply watching the works.

<Theatre des Lumières: Klimt> is the first exhibition of ‘Theatre des Lumières’ and it reinterprets the works of Golden master Gustav Klimt in the 20st century with lights and music. Masterpieces of this Austrian symbolist painter are projected onto walls, columns, and even floors by using HD projectors. In the exhibition, his representative works including ‘The Kiss’, ‘Judith’, and the unparalleled world of art he built throughout his life will be depicted, and dynamic projection mapping techniques will further emphasize the magnificent beauty of gold in their nature to the extreme, presenting unforgettable memories to visitors.     

Furthermore, modern and contemporary paintings will be presented as well in ‘Theatre des Lumières’ along with the main exhibition of Klimt to provide abundant and variety of attractions. For instance, paintings of Yves Klein, a leading member of the French artistic movement of Nouveau réalisme, who had a profound influence on contemporary art and was known as the ‘master of blue’, will be played in sequence for 10 minutes. In the contemporary exhibition hall, visitors can also find other sequence consisted of contemporary works. They can also bring beautiful memories from ‘Green Room’ with the concept of dressing room depicting the original green room in the back stage. Various attractions including ‘Mirror Room’ to feel strange charms through the works reflected on mirrors and ‘Small Water Tank’ that serves as a canvas using water in the tank are prepared as well. In the ‘Theatre des Lumières’ Art Shop’ with the size of 396 m2, various merchandise items of the exhibition, other goods and products created in collaboration with brands and artists will await visitors so that they can return home with good memories of the exhibition.    

Park Jin-woo, CEO of Tmonet, said, “Theatre des Lumières, which is scheduled to be open on May 27, is meaningful in that we transformed ‘Walkerhill Theatre’ into a cultural space by combining its artistic heritage and the identity of the first immersive exhibition in Korea. We will make ‘Theatre des Lumières’ as a landmark of Seoul that provides a unique experience to visitors through the lights and colors stimulating the five senses.” 

‘The series of light’ is an immersive exhibition project started in France. It has the concept of cultural regeneration to enable visitors to experience beloved paintings of the world’s most popular artists by installing approximately 100 projectors and dozens of speakers in old places. In 2018, Tmonet successfully transformed a secret bunker that was used as a state-owned communication facility in Seongsan, Jeju, into an illuminating space for art and culture through ‘Bunker des Lumières’, the first immersive exhibition in Korea. Over 1.4 million persons visited Bunker des Lumières’ in just three years since its opening and it now has become an art and cultural landmark in Jeju.


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