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Membership : 4,000,000 KRW

Any company or organization, legally registered in Korea, willing to enjoy increased visibility and privileged access to FKCCI Business Development services, is qualified to apply for Patron Membership.


Membership: 1,600,000 KRW

Any company or organisation legally registered in Korea with more than 10 employees or turnover above 1 billion KRW is qualified to apply for Corporate Membership. Corporate Membership is valid for one corporate entity only. 


Membership: 630,000 KRW

Any freelancer professional or organisation legally registered in Korea with less than 10 employees and turnover below 1 billion KRW is qualified to apply for Entrepreneur Membership.


Membership: 350,000 KRW

Any restaurant legally registered in Korea as such and not affiliated with any parent company is qualified to apply for Restaurant Membership. This category cannot be applied if the business is only connected to Food & Beverage or if the restaurant is part of a bigger group. By becoming a member, the restaurant will be included in the next edition of the French restaurant guide book and its owner can become a member of the F&B Committee.


Membership : 200,000 KRW

Any organization legally registered for less than 18 months at the registration moment as FKCCI member, holding a viable interest in Chamber activities and not affiliated with any parent company is qualified to apply for Start-up Membership. 


Membership: 350,000 KRW

Any physical person willing to enjoy on personal basis the networking opportunities the Chamber provides is qualified to apply for Individual Membership. Membership fees must be paid individually who will be the sole receiver of the membership benefits.


Membership: 630,000 KRW

Any company or organization that does not have a legal representation in Korea or does not maintain a representative here is qualified to apply for Overseas Membership.


Membership: 1,000,000 KRW

Any organization not registered as a company in Korea (e.g. cities, province, NGO, Non-Profit Organization, associations, etc.) is qualified to apply for institutional Membership.


Honorary Member may be designated by the Executive Committee of the FKCCI.


Membership: 100,000 KRW

All member companies (except Individual, Young Professional and Honorary members) may register additional representatives under this category. A profile picture in the directory and a voting right are given to each additional representative.

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