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“The France Gourmet adventure began in Seoul in 2013. The project was born from the desire of 3 French men – a delicatessen maker, a chef and an engineer – to find the real taste of France in Seoul and to let the Korean people discover traditional French gastronomy. The ultimate aim of these 3 fine food aficionados is to make superior quality and authentic products following time-honored recipes. All their specialties are made by hand in their workshop in Seoul. Special care is given to the quality of each component: They use only fresh Korean meat; natural casings and they prepare their own spice mixes without any additives.

In 2015, with the growing popularity of France Gourmet’s artisan products, the 3 cuisine enthusiasts decided to launch an online store in order to allow more people the pleasure of the true French taste at home. The selection of products they offer has been increasing since 2013, so you can enjoy an array of quality foods, from delicatessen goods to cheese or fresh meat.




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