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France-Germany Day

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On 22 January 1963, Konrad Adenauer and Charles de Gaulle laid the foundation stone of German-French friendship when they signed the Treaty of Élysée, with the aim of building an ever lasting peace between both nations. Ever since, France and Germany have shared special relationship as well as ever increasing economic ties. To mark the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Élysée on 22 January 2003, the French President Jacques Chirac and Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder declared January 22nd as the ‘French-Germany Day’, to mark this historic event and promote both countries’ culture and language to their respective younger generations.

It is to celebrate the 56th anniversary of the Élysée treaty’s signature, that the FKCCI and KGCCI will celebrate, with their members, the French-Germany Day at the Novotel Ambassador Gangnam, on January 22nd. The FKCCI and KGCCI guests will be able to enjoy a standing cocktail in an atmosphere celebrating French-German friendship. During this cocktail, major members from the FKCCI and KGCCI will have the opportunity to discuss French and German economic presence in Korea. They will also detail their annual activities plan and their forthcoming events. This event will enables all parties, chambers and members, to discuss the opportunities for future cooperation between them with common action plans in order to enhance French and German economic cooperation with Korea.


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