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FKCCI cordially invites you to our Pro-Workshop entitled "Effective Communications Skills"





Effective communication can improve business performance, facilitate teamwork and boost employee morale in any organization.



Practical Workshop to Enhance Clarity in Written and Verbal

Business Communications



Korean or foreign managers expect their staff to communicate effectively when writing emails, making presentations or when asking and answering questions during meetings.

That’s why, communicating effectively and getting one’s ideas across to other people clearly and in a professional way is one of the most important skills for business people today.

It should be noted that communication problems are not always dependent on one's English language skills. On the contrary, they are more often a fuction of being able to express complex ideas briefly, with clarity, structure and logic.


Target audience and benefits of this workshop:

This intensive workshop is intended for Korean business people with proficient English language skills, who wish to improve their ability to communicate more effectively and professionally with expat managers, overseas business partners or colleagues.


This workshop is designed to generate the following benefits:

§  Implement more effective inter-personal communication and enhance teamwork performance;

§  Minimize misunderstandings and avoid delays in project execution or missed opportunities;

§  Bridge communication gaps with managers or colleagues with different communication styles;

§  Improve clarity, logic and precision in verbal communication;

§  Know how to present business information in a more direct way and with the right structure;

§  Make emails clearer, shorter, better structured and more logical;

§  Communicate and connect with non-Koreans, by understanding cross-cultural differences;

§  Use English words and expressions to enhance clarity and avoid others to minimize ambiguity.


Workshop Description


Module I:            The Foundations of Effective Communications

§  Applying simple principles of communication in practical daily business situations;

§  Defining and stating clear communication intentions to prompt the right actions from others;

§  Supporting statements or conclusions with clear arguments, direct wording, logic or data;

§  Applying helpful cross-cultural skills to bridge communication gaps in multinational organizations or when communicating with non-Korean partners;

§  Using and avoiding key words and expressions for more accurate communication;


Module II:           Effective Written Communications

§  Applying clear structure to text or documents (i.e. emails, business reports, etc.);

§  Using proper tone, formality in business email’s beginnings, body and endings;

§  Applying professional tips to grab the receiver’s attention and get a quicker reply;

§  Create greater logical flow in ideas and sentences to convey more professional messages;

§  Using practical tips for presenting and supporting ideas in a business email;

§  Applying useful email editing tips for greater professionalism;


Module III:          Effective Spoken Communications

§  Developing the ability to ask clear and effective questions in meetings;

§  Knowing how to answer questions briefly and with clarity and precision;

§  Supporting ideas with arguments and logic during presentations;

§  Using good body language to project a more professional image (ex: for presentations).



This event is held in collaboration with Mr. Simon BUREAU, CEO of Vectis.

Vectis is a consulting firm which provides a wide range of practical workshops to enhance international

business development and communication skills of Korean professionals.




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