[FKCCI Webinar] Firsthand buyers to Secondhand buyers in Luxury Markets

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Save the date for our webinar on January 29th with Ms. Jiyeon SONG, Partner of BCG, on the effect of the growing secondhand market on luxury sectors!

[FKCCI Webinar] Firsthand buyers to Secondhand buyers in Luxury Markets - with Boston Consulting Group (BCG)


The secondhand luxury market is expanding faster than the luxury industry overall, new players are emerging and consumer interest rises. In this context, Ms. SONG, partner at the Boston Consulting Group, will share her valuable insights regarding the significant growth of secondhand luxury market. What are the drivers of this growth, who are the secondhand consumers, and what does it mean for luxury brands' strategy?


8:00 – 8:05      Opening Speech 

  • Mr. Cedric LEGRAND, Managing Director of FKCCI

8:05 – 8:15      Welcoming Adress 

  • Mr. Daniel MAYRAN, Chairman of Bluebell Korea, President of FKCCI Luxury Committee

8:15 – 8:35      Global outlook on purchasing patterns in secondhand luxury market
                        and its effect on firsthand luxury

  • Ms. Jiyeon SONG, Partner of the Boston Consulting Group’s Consumer Practice

8:35 – 9:00     Q&A

*The program may be subject to change 



EVENT                    Firsthand buyers to secondhand buyers in luxury market
DATE                       Friday, January 29th, 2021, 8:00 am - 9:00 am KST

VENUE                   Online : Platform (Zoom)*
                                *Access link will be sent prior to the event.

LANGUAGE            English

FEE                          Free

REGISTRATION     https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeYU5XJX7T9IvswSzo3JuBWeaRmqHiWt7XGmUHckdgJ3yXo2g/viewform 



Ms. Jiyeon SONG, partner of Boston Consulting Group

She has an extensive experience in retail and consumer goods consulting. Along her professional journey to consulting expert, especially in e-commerce, retail and consumer goods, she has led and organized a lot of major consulting projects in those sectors. With a deep knowledge of numerous consulting cases through 15 years, she has not only identified opportunity of Korean leading companies in digital secondhand luxury business, also contributed to their growth and development by providing strategies.





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