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[Pro-workshop] Intercultural Training - Business on France by CLT

FKCCI meeting room, Joy Tower B/D 11F, 7 Teheran-ro 37-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul , Seoul
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Tarif : 170,000 KRW for FKCCI's Members
200,000 KRW for Non-members
*10% VAT included
*Special discount for group participants (more than 3 persons)

Cancellations must be made by October 11th, 6:00 pm, after which cancellation and no-shows will be charged accordingly.


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Intercultural Training - Business on France
by CLT Co.


  • Korean nationals who want to understand French Culture in doing business


  • Acknowledgment through assessment of country profile
  • Increasing your understanding of French culture, history, and people  on French assignment success
  • Understanding the cultural foundation of French it’s influence on social and business behavior
  • Develop intercultural skills to successfully communicate across the cultures.
  • Discuss the business expectations and management practices of French and business strategies to accomplish your assignment objectives successfully
  • Focus on your priority areas to transition successfully into your host country
  • 셀프 평가를 통한 차이점 인지
  • 프랑스와 성공적인 비즈니스를 위한  프랑스 문화, 역사, 사람의 이해를 증진
  • 프랑스 문화의 기초이해,  문화가 사회와 비즈니스에 끼치는 영향
  • 프랑스와 교류하는 사업가, 프랑스에 진출하는 사업에 성공을 위한 1:1 비즈니스 전략
  • 프랑스인과의 비즈니스관리, 비즈니스 상황 토의



  • Diane E. Hong President, CLT


  • Pierre Cohen-Aknine, CEO of KAVOD LTD.
  • Dr. Choi, Chang-Yong, Prof. Dongguk Univ.



    • Cross Culture / 문화란
    • French History / 프랑스 역사
    • Who are the French / 프랑스인은 누구인가
    • Business Style / 비즈니스 스타일
    • Difference and similarities / 유사점과 차이점
    • Negotiation with French / 프랑스인과 협상
    • Do’s and Don’ts in France / 프랑스에서 할 것과 하지 말아야 할 것
    • French Communication Style / 프랑스식 대화
    • Motivating French people / 프랑스인의 동기부여
    • Successful networking with French people / 프랑스인과 성공적인 인맥관리
    • Key to success / 성공하기 위한 요소


    Coach and Consultant

    Ms. Diane E.HONG, CEO of CLT

    • A guest speaker on TBS eFM radio talk program designed to give information to foreigners who are residing in Korea and to talk about business etiquette and culture in Korea.
    • Hosted many times on Kyung-in radio to talk about global etiquette to Korean business people.
    • Has taught Korean culture since 2005 on Arirang radio station, DMB broadcast station, to the global listeners all over the world.
    • An intercultural coach and business consultant to numerous global companies such as Samsung Electronics, Samsung Global Strategy Teams, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Air Liquide, BAT, Schneider Electric, Otis Elevator, Laureal co., SIWA, AWC, BASS presentations, U.S. Senator, Boeing, GE, P&G, GM, J&J, Statoil, BP, Infineon, Porche, Metso, Nike etc. for years to coach about Korea as well as business strategy, communication skills and all other essential topics. 
    • Be awarded “Certificate of Excellence” and reached 100% Trainer Top Block and 100% Overall Evaluation from clients.

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