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FKCCI cordially invites you to our Pro-Workshop entitled "Do You Want to Make More Impactful Business Presentations in English?"


Do You Want to Make More Impactful Business

Presentations in English?


Many Korean business people are required to make presentations in front of foreign executives or overseas partners.  This is challenging for most of them. Our experience with Korean professionals shows that the greatest difficulties are not related to English proficiency. Instead they are related to:

§  Understanding what the audience needs to hear so that they take the desired action

§  Crafting a clear and articulate message with logical flow for higher impact

§  Creating effective introduction and conclusion consistent with the goal of the presentation

§  Overcoming their fear of public speaking while projecting confidence and professionalism


What is unique about this workshop?

This seminar is offered in two training formats:  with or without presentation practice. Participants have the option to register only for Day One (5-hours) or also for Day Two (8-hours).

On Day One (Friday, September 14, for 5-hours), participants learn practical concepts and tips to gain effective business presentations skills through a seminar.

On Day Two (Wednesday, September 19 for 8-hours), each participant makes an on-camera presentation, followed by thorough evaluation by the instructor and practical recommendations for improvement.


Benefits of this Seminar include learning how to:

§  make your slides simpler and more impactful for your audience

§  adapt your presentation’s message to the audience needs and expectations

§  craft your presentation’s core message from your introduction to your closing statements, with a clear logical flow, for deeper impact

§  make a powerful closing with a clear call to action for your audience

§  overcome fear of public speaking in English for a non-Korean audience

§  project greater confidence through proper body language, gestures and diction

§  use key English words and formulas to use for accuracy and stronger effects


The key added benefits for participants to take part in Day Two are:

§  Capitalizing on a practical learning approach, by rehearsing and applying new notions in their presentation and assessing their improvements by viewing their delivery on video;

§  Receiving detailed and objective feedback from the instructor, with suggestions for improvement

§  Achieving a higher level of confidence in front of a small audience








Module I:      Tips for Simplifying Your Slides

  • Minimizing the amount of content to catch your audience’s attention
  • Using practical techniques resources to make your slides more impactful

Module II:     Preparation Stage: Knowing your Audience and Sharpening your Message

  • Knowing and connecting closely with your audience by putting the focus on them
  • Crafting your presentation: Identifying your end-goal and developing logical messages
  • Five steps to build a compelling presentation, from introduction to the conclusion

Module III:    Practical Aspects of Public Speaking

  • 12 tips for overcoming your fear of public speaking
  • Fine-tuning your body language: What facial expressions, gestures, voice and movements around the room to use to project greater confidence
  • Using (or avoiding) specific words and formulas in English for clarity and accuracy
  • Adapting your presentation style for non-Korean audiences

Module IV:     Delivering an Effective Presentation

  • How to best open and close a presentation
  • Using clear arguments, reasoning or data to present and support conclusions
  • Presenting to senior management and presenting financial results and numbers
  • Keeping the audience’s attention throughout your presentation
  • Answering questions from the audience



Following Day One, participants who have registered reconvene for a second day of training to:

  • Make an on-camera presentation, by incorporating the skills and notions they have just gained
  • Receive a full review and feedback by the instructor, with emphasis on strong points and areas of improvement

Each participant receives a transcript of the evaluation and presentation video file a few days later.


Target Audience

Generally speaking, this workshop is intended for Koreans with intermediate to advanced English skills, who wish to gain more advanced presentation skills.

More specifically it is ideal for:

  • Korean managers who make business presentations to expats or visiting executives from HQ
  • Korean staff and managers responsible for overseas business development


Seminar Duration: Offered in 2 formats:

  • Day One:                       5-hours (seminar)
  • Day One + Day Two:     5-hours (seminar) + 8-hours (presentation practice and review)


Dates:    Day One (basic):             Friday, Sept. 14  (1pm to 6pm)

               Day Two (optional):         Wednesday, Sept. 19 (9am to 6pm)

Fees:      Day One only (basic):       KRW 250,000

                     Day One + Day Two:         KRW 600,000                 

                    (*Day Two is limited to 8 participants)



This event is held in collaboration with Mr. Simon BUREAU, CEO of Vectis.

Vectis is a consulting firm which provides a wide range of practical workshops to enhance international

business development and communication skills of Korean professionals.



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