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Seoul Food & Hotel 2024

Mr. Tristan ZULIANI, <>

FKCCI gives the stage to 10 French F&B and hospitality companies to showcase their products and French Excellence to Korea and the World!

Join us from June 11th to 14th at the iconic FKCCI French Pavilion at Seoul Food & Hotel 2024, Korea's largest international F&B and hospitality exhibition. With more than 42,000 visitors in 2023, the exhibition serves as a vital business hub for Korean buyers and industry experts to source premium goods and view global industry trends across various sectors.  

Korea shows a growing interest for French F&B products, notably with an export growth rate of 61,8% from 2017 to 2022, solidifying its position as a key market for French agri-food exports. Indeed, France remains a top exporter to Korea, particularly in wines, maintaining its leading supplier status with exports reaching €193.5 million and notable growth sustained by the introduction of lesser-known appellations and sparkling wines. In spirits, it ranks fourth with €15.5 million, witnessing increasing demand due to evolving tastes and Western influence, especially in mixology. Additionally, France stands as the third-largest dairy supplier by value, contributing €114.5 million, driven by lifestyle changes and strong demand for specialty cheeses. Despite ranking 12th in meat exports, France sees opportunities in Korea in lean meats, small portion sizes, and meat-based snacks.

The Korean F&B market has undergone improvements in its regulations, opening an array of business opportunities for French products. For instance, in December 2023, the ban on French beef imports was lifted by the National Assembly following FKCCI and the French Embassy’s concerted advocacy efforts. Also, in September 2023, recent amendments made to the Food Hygiene Act now allow the sale of subdivided cheese at department stores and supermarkets, aligning with consumers' evolving preferences for experimenting with diverse varieties of cheeses.

To sustain the growth and the visibility of French F&B products in Korea, this year, the FKCCI and its F&B Committee will host 10 French companies at its emblematic French Pavilion! The FKCCI French Pavilion with its 90 m2 and prime location will serve as a platform to shine the light on French culture and excellence. At this major international fair, F&B and hospitality companies will have the exceptional opportunity to establish themselves in the Korean and international markets, attract new clients, and connect with potential B2B partners.  



Join the FKCCI French Pavilion and Expand your Business!  

  • Benefit from an all-inclusive booth package including the following:
    • Exhibition management 
    • Stand construction
    • Customized displays
    • Extensive promotion through FKCCI communication channels
    • and more 
  • Maximize your business opportunities through our exclusive matchmaking and business consultation program and discover partnerships that propel your business forward.

These opportunities will allow you to enhance your brand's presence on the global culinary scene, get up-to-date insights, connect with industry thought leaders, and gain recognition for products that embody excellence, innovation, and sustainability.  

For further details, please reach out to Tristan ZULIANI, Project Manager at t.zuliani(@)



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