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Impact of the US presidential election on the Korean Peninsula

Mondrian Hotel, 23 Jangmun Ro, Yongsan Gu, 04392, SEOUL, Corée du Sud
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The world has been looking with expectations at the USA presidential election. What will be this election's impact for the Korean peninsula?

For months, the world has been looking with expectations at the USA presidential election. Now that Joe BIDEN has been announced as the 46th President of the United States, what will be the impact for the Korean peninsula?

During the past couple years, North Korea and South Korea's relationship has been swinging between tensions and appeasement, impacted by Trump's administration, world politics and the economic situation. With the election of President Joe BIDEN, some drastic changes are to be expected.

Therefore, on November 23rd, FKCCI has invited two speakers who will share their views about the new regional perspectives after this election. Mr. Sung-wook NAM, Advisor at Ministry of National Defense Policy and Expert of North Korea, will explain how the relationship between both Koreas and USA might evolve during President Joe BIDEN's administration. Then, Mr. Sebastien FALLETTI, journalist for Le Figaro, will analyze how USA and China rivalry might reshape Asia and its consequences for South Korea.



11:30 – 12:00  Registration & Networking

12:00 – 13:00  Presentation

  • Welcoming speech
    Mr. David-Pierre JALICON, Chairman, FKCCI
  • Introduction
    H.E. Mr. Philippe LEFORT, French Ambassador in Korea
  • The prospect of the relation between North Korea and USA during President Joe Biden administration
    Dr. Sung-wook Nam, Professor of Unification and Diplomacy and Head of North Korea Research Center at Korea University, Ministry of National Defense Policy Advisor
  • Superpowers showdown: How far the escalating US-China rivalry will reshape Asia? And what does it mean for Korea?
    Mr. Sebastien FALLETTI, journalist, East Asia correspondent, Le Figaro

13:00 – 14:00  Sponsor presentation & Lunch

  • Sponsor presentation
    Mr. Yunsik KIM, Director General of Investment Promotion, GFEZ
    Ms. In-a KANG, Deputy Director of Materials & Food Industries, GFEZ


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EVENT               Special Luncheon
                           Impact of the US presidential election on the Korean Peninsula
DATE                 Monday, November 23rd 2020, 12:00pm - 2:00pm
VENUE              Mondrian Hotel
                          23 Jangmun Ro, Yongsan Gu, 04392 SEOUL
                          (서울 용산구 장문로 23)
FEE                   60,000 KRW (Member), 80,000 KRW (non-Member)
                          (10% VAT included)
SPONSOR        Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Zone Authority (Gfez)

Dr. Sung-wook NAM

Dr. Sung-wook Nam is an East Asia expert with the theoretical and practical experience in academia, government and intelligence services on North Korea and China. He has worked as an analyst for Korean National Intelligence Service and an advisor to Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of National Unification and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Nam is Dean of Graduate School of Public Policy, Korea University and director of Center for North Koreanology at the Asiatic Research Institute, Korea University since 2013. He received his PhD in Applied Economics from the University of Missouri-Columbia, USA.

He also works as a commentator on international affairs at the Korea Broadcasting Service since 2008. His academic career includes four years as Professor of North Korean Studies at Ewha Women’s University and five years as the head of the School of National Intelligence Academy.

Mr. Sebastien FALLETTI

Mr. Sebastien Falletti is author and journalist, currently China and East Asia correspondent for french daily Le Figaro. He has been covering geopolitics and business in East Asia for more than a decade, successively based in Seoul, Shanghai and Beijing.


He has published "A thousands miles to Freedom" with North Korean defector Kim Eunsun, as well as "La Piste Kim, voyage au coeur de la Corée du Nord".


From 2009 to 2014 he covered EU foreign policy from Brussels. Born in Paris, Sebastien graduated from the London School of Economics, and Sorbonne University.

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