Access to vaccine campaigns in Korea for foreigners

Access to vaccine campaigns in Korea for foreigners

The Korean health authorities announced on Feb 1st that foreigners will have access to COVID-19 vaccines, such as South Korean nationals.

This news oversees foreigners with a long-stay visa (ARC), but detailed information on the scope of conditions to be met and calendar are still not published. More details will be given by the government on the access for foreigners to the vaccination campaign in the upcoming weeks. The authorities are also currently reviewing a detailed plan to selectively inoculate overseas tourists or those staying in the country short-term that are deemed necessary under the principle of protecting public health.

Vaccination campaign is set to begin this month and go on throughout the year with the aim of reaching 70% of the population vaccinated by the end of November. Health workers and elderly in medical facilities will get vaccinated in priority, while vulnerable parts of the population (people aged over 65 years old or with medical condition) will be vaccinated in the 2nd quarter of the year, and the rest of the population from the second half of the year. Only pregnant and children under 18 years old will not be eligible. The vaccination will be free of charge for everyone, and at their discretion. Seoul will open up 30 vaccination centers across the city with at least one per district, and designate 3,500 hospitals and clinics as vaccination centers.

More info on the KCDA website

Check out also our COVID-19 Advisory webpage for more information on COVID-19 measures in Korea and France, travel and visa restrictions.


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