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Asiance launches its new Brandtech campaign

Asiance has been founded 16 years ago to help global brands communicate better in the Asian market and has since become known as a leading digital agency in Asia. Now, in response to the constant changes in this market and clients’ needs, they’re evolving into an advanced model of digital agency: a “Brandtech Partner“.

Brandtech stands for the fusion of creativity and technology. Aside from continuing to build e-commerce platforms and manage digital marketing campaigns for their clients, Asiance also satisfies the growing demands for new types of learning, identifies tech startups and implement them in their solutions. Furthermore, they build innovation labs and acceleration programs with corporations connecting different countries.

To achieve this, Asiance works with their clients through three interconnected steps, covering each stage of business needs for a complete end-to-end journey.

1 – Explore the hidden business potential: digital transformation, marketing operation, open innovation and ecosystem discovery

2 – Innovate business process and solutions

3 – Amplify business growth

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