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Bolloré Logistics Korea, held ‘Walking in the forest’ event on Earth day

Bolloré Logistics Korea, held ‘Walking in the forest’ event on Earth day

Celebrating earth day, Bolloré Logistics Korea (Managing Director, Yoon-Ju CHO) held a ‘Walking in the forest’ event in Bolloré Korea Forest at Maebong Mountain under the theme of 'Plogging’ and ‘Walking Day’.

The event was also to commemorate the trees planted by participating in the "Planting 5 Million Trees Project" last year in Maebong Mt. On earth day 2022, Bolloré Logistics Korea, planted a total of 245 seedlings and shrubs, including bokja, plum, and jopop trees, on the site around Maebong Mountain to create a Bolloré Korea forest.

Employees who participated in the event said “As the weather is getting warm, I used to walk every day and I'm proud to participate in the 'Plogging' and 'Working Day' events to practice carbon savings with coworkers.", “I hope there will be more events like this that not only think about health but also the environment.” The employees responded positively to the event.

Bolloré Logistics Korea practices ESG management in daily life, such as using tumblers, paper straws, banning plastics use, and climbing stairs in the office, and continuing various CSR activities to support the global community including a partnership with Médecins Sans Frontières Korea.



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