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Bolloré Logistics Korea holds its first climate fresk workshop

Bolloré Logistics Korea holds its first climate fresk workshop

In February this year, Bolloré Logistics Korea held its first Climate Fresk workshop at its Seoul office, as part of its efforts to drive awareness on climate change.

Climate Fresk is a French non-profit organization that conducts workshops which aim to help participants understand the scientific basis behind climate change and recognize the severity of environmental problems. In the 3-hour workshop, seven participants from Bolloré Logistics Korea had rigorous discussions and built the collage collectively.

Following the session, the team shared positive feedback, having learned more about the existing environmental problems and the mechanisms leading to it. They also recognized what is at stake and urgency of taking immediate actions.

“Climate Fresk is just starting in Korea. We hope this session has made our team members aware of current environmental issues and the urgent need for action. Bolloré Logistics will also continue to work on its CSR strategy and offer more sustainable logistics solutions through its Powering Sustainable Logistics Program,” said Yunli Wang, Head of Sustainable Development at Bolloré Logistics North Asia.

Bolloré Logistics has set carbon reduction targets aligned with climate science. In Korea, Bolloré Logistics is also committed to working with its customers on reducing the environmental footprint in the supply chain. Going forward, the team will plan more internal Climate Fresk workshops to help our team better understand climate change issues.



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