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Bolloré Logistics Korea Urban Farm End of the Year Harvest Event

As part of the Groups’ initiative aiming at promoting “Green Projects” and protecting biodiversity, Bolloré Logistics Korea installed in 2017 an urban farm on its office rooftop in Seoul, South Korea.

Bolloré Logistics transformed the available rooftop space building into an urban farm of 264 sqm, therefore optimizing the current available space resources and promoting self-sufficiency by growing Korean agricultural products along with members of the local community.

In the urban farm, organic vegetables using natural fertilizers are being grown by the combined efforts of Bolloré Logistics, a non-profit organization and some local volunteers.

Regular events are held and the last one was in November 2018, when team members of Bolloré Logistics gathered at the urban farm and harvested the cabbages that had been grown for months. They prepared the cabbages to make kimchi. Kimchi has been a staple side dish for Koreans consisting of peppers and lacto fermented vegetables for several weeks until acidity develops. It is usually made in time for cabbage harvest in November.

Kimchi was distributed to the office team members and residents in the Seoul city district where the company is located. The event was held to strengthen the ties with the local community and promote the meaning of sharing.

This action is fully in line with the CSR program “Powering Sustainable Logistics” of Bolloré Logistics throughout two of our commitments: preserving biodiversity and improving relationships with our stakeholders in the territories.


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