Corea Image Communication Institute holds the Culture Communication Forum for the 12th consecutive year

Corea Image Communication Institute holds the Culture Communication Forum for the 12th consecutive year

On August 25th, 2022, the Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI) held the 12th edition of its Culture Communication Forum (CCF).

Designed to shed light on society's challenges and Korea's true image, the CCF gathers on an annual basis opinion leaders, specialists and intellectuals from all over the world, to discuss a topic chosen for the occasion. Held under the theme “Space and Culture Communication”, this year’s forum welcomed Mr. Guy Sorman, French essayist and columnist; Mr. David-Pierre Jalicon, Chairman of FKCCI and CEO of DPJ & Partners, Architecture; Mr. Jinwoo Park, member of FKCCI and CEO of TMonet; H.E. Philip Turner, New Zealand Ambassador to Korea; Mr. Jean-Louis Cohen, architectural historian; Ms. Katrina Sedgwick Oam, Director and CEO of Melbourne Arts Precinct Corporation; Mr. Hyunjoon Yoo, Professor at Hongik School of Architecture; Mr. Simon Lee, CEO of Flitto; and Ms. Young-hye Lee, CEO of Designhouse.

Following a presentation of the event by CICI CEO Ms. Junghwa Choi, in which she emphasized the renewed attention given to the concept of space in the COVID era, Mr. Guy Sorman gave a keynote speech centered around Korea’s modern urban identity. He most notably celebrated architectural projects, such as the rehabilitation of the Cheongyecheon stream, that “connect Korea’s contemporary times to the past” and raise “an intense reflexion upon the Korean identity”.

In his intervention, Mr. David-Pierre Jalicon focused on the endless source of inspiration that Korean traditional culture represents for architects:

“Korean culture possesses numerous signs and symbols, that I have tried to incorporate in each of my works."

Mr. Jinwoo Park declared it was high time to reinvent traditional art spaces, a goal his company has been pursuing for several years now:

“We wanted to create a new art center, different from conventional ones, more modern and future-oriented."

Other themes, such as the rise of metaverse spaces and the evolution of space symbolism through history, were also discussed.

The event concluded with a debate and a Q&A session, during which speakers and their audience could confront their perspectives on the topic.



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