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[Covid-19] Logistics network service to help SMEs in difficulty

[Covid-19] Logistics network service to help SMEs in difficulty

KOTRA launched a logistics service to assist small and medium-sized companies in assuring distribution in the context of the global pandemic.

Any SMEs, including foreign-invested companies, which find difficulty in establishing their own distribution centers overseas to import products in Korea (including sourcing import of raw and subsidiary materials) can jointly use warehouse of local KOTRA partner logistics companies.

The support is granted upon application all year-round (first come, first served basis) to KOTRA.

KOTRA specifies that SMEs which are eligible can fill in the following conditions:   

  • Companies that have difficulties about high logistics costs and need local delivery systems to broaden their export areas.
  • Companies that need local fulfillment service and is under processing in overseas online sales through Amazon, Alibaba, Shopee, Q10
  • Companies who hope to broaden their market through local stock. 
  • Companies participating in local exhibition frequently.

The service include storage in local warehouses overseas, loading, unloading, packaging, delivery, return, customs clearance, import agency, etc. And SMEs can apply for up to 5 centers in all areas where Korea Business Centers are located with 84 covered countries with 127 overseas offices.

Find the details of the application process and the service:  



The French-Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) is discussing actively with KOTRA to support at best the interests of foreign invested companies and is always at your service for your projects in Korea!

Contact us at welcome(@) for any inquiry 


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