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[Covid-19] Measures for travelers and exporters in Korea

Exceptional measures to help the exporters heavily hit by the sanitary crisis are in place! Contact the French-Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Travel Advisory from France to Korea

The French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs raised the warning level for Korea and issued recommendations including:

  • Follow the recommendation from local authorities
  • Avoid closed contact with people who have fever or who are coughing
  • Wash your hands with soap or use alcoholic hand gels
  • Limit trips in Korea except those which are essential

French Embassy Recommendations

Ministry recommendations


Support Measures to French Exporters 

The French Government has released four exceptional measures to help the exporters heavily hit by the sanitary crisis:

  • The granting of state guarantees through Bpifrance for guarantees and pre-financing of export projects will be strengthened in order to secure the cash flow of exporting companies. The guaranteed portions could thus be raised to 90% for all SMEs and mid-caps. The period of validity of the guarantee agreements for export pre-financing will be extended to six months.
  • The current prospecting insurance will be extended for one year, allowing an extension of the covered prospecting period.
  • 2 billion euros will be provided for short-term export credit insurance thanks to the expansion of the Cap Francexport public reinsurance system. This measure will cover all the countries of the world.
  • Support and information by the operators of Team France Export (Business France, Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Bpifrance) will be strengthened, in conjunction with the regions and the network of foreign trade advisers, together with the support of private actors. A specific watch on each geographical area of ​​interest to the companies concerned is set up. 


The original tools of support to exporters remain in place and fully functioning:

  • Prospecting Insurance, which supports SMEs and mid-cap companies to explore opportunities in new markets
  • FASEP, a grant for preliminary studies for infrastructure projects and demonstrators of innovative technologies
  • Credit insurance operated by Bpifrance
  • Treasury loans for state-to-state projects in emerging and developing countries, in particular to meet the health needs of countries affected by the coronavirus by positioning French industrial supply in this area

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