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Exposition artistique de bijoux franco-coréens par Louis Quatorze: Mirage Printanier

Organized by French fashion brand Louis Quatorze (CEO YongJoon Jeon), and sponsored by Platform-L Contemporary Art Center and Ateliers d’art de France, the “French-Korean Jewelry Art Exhibition – Mirage Printanier” will be held from May 13 to 31 at the Platform-L Contemporary Art Center.

Mirage Printanier” is a jewelry art exhibition of 21 jewelry artists and 31 furniture/craft collaboration artists representing France and Korea.

 “Mirage” is a phenomenon of light moving from warm air to cold air or in the opposite direction, which results in objects looking as though they are somewhere at a distance from their actual location.

Come and enjoy this three-week long mirage-like exhibition and experience the lasting beauty of following the flow of air, or watch an illusion caused by the bending light that the artists offer on these warm spring days in May.

The exhibition is free and you can purchase the exhibited artworks at Platform-L Art Shop.

The participating artists are:

France - jewelry
- Tzuri gueta (슈리게타)
- Ophelia Leclercq (오펠리아르클렉)
- Lorina Balteanu (로리나발토누)
- Pascal Lion (파스칼 리옹)
- Legeron (르즈홍)
- Crezus (크레쥬스)
- Camille Roussel (카미루쎌)
- Alex & Svet Rainous (알렉스&스베헤누)
- SO’Bijoux (쏘비쥬)

Korea - jewelry
- 신혜림 (Shin Hea lim)
- 정지민 (Chung Jeemin Jamie)
- 이영주 (Lee Young joo)
- 강미나 (Kang Mi na)
- 박지은 (Park Ji eun)
- 코이누르 (Kohinoor)
- 고혜정 (Ko Hye jeong)
- 고희승 (Koh Hee seung)
- 장이 (Jang-i)
- 남유진 (Nam You jin)
- 최경미 (DavideChoi)
- 장윤선 (Jang Yun sun)

Korea - collaboration artists
- Chang So young: fashion
- Park Ido: painting and sculpture
- Yoon Saerom: acrylic furniture
- Kim Hee won: media art
- Kim Jong sook: painting
- Han Sung jae: wooden furniture
- Ham: enamel metalwork
- BKID: furniture
- Alley Antique Gallery: furniture
- Chung Chang Ki: photography


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