FKCCI visits Gwangju with French delegation

On November 24th, FKCCI representatives, the French Embassy, and the representatives of French companies visited Gwangju to discuss cooperation and mutual exchange between France and Gwangju.


Philippe Lefort (Ambassador of France to Korea), Adeline-Lise Khov (Head of the Economic Department of the French Embassy in Korea), Denis Fourmeau (Scientific and Academic Cooperation Attaché of the French Embassy in Korea), David-Pierre Jalicon (FKCCI Chairman), Cédric Legrand (FKCCI General Director), Jiseon An (Business Support Department Project Manager at FKCCI), Vincent Lelay (Vice President of Accor Ambassador), Sylvain Torrent (New Energies Division and Asia Sales & Program Director), Jinwoo Kim (Representative of Aryballe), David Enselme (CEO of Diko Subsea) met with the mayor of Gwangju, Yon-sup Lee at the Gwangju City Hall.


The meeting was organized to develop a bridgehead for French companies to enter Gwangju, and was followed by the introduction of the Gwangju Free Economic Zone, visit at Kimdaejoong Convention Center, Green Industrial Complex and GIGA (Gwangju Institute of Green-Car Advancement).


Mayor Lee delivered a positive message, “Through the recent summits between France and Korea, we seem to become closer from the strengthened cooperation especially in the new industries.”


Mayor Lee also said, “Gwangju is the first 2045 carbon-neutral energy city in Korea to advance by operating labor-management automobile factories, and AI convergence complexes. Gwangju is always ready to actively attract French companies that are interested in Gwangju.”


Mr. Lefort responded, "French companies are showing high interest in industries such as artificial intelligence-based metaverse, automobile parts, hotels, and culture, and are interested in Gwangju's free economic zone policies and they are hoping to enter Gwangju."


Mr. Jalicon said, "There are about 60 member companies at FKCCI who are willing to cooperate with Gwangju, in industries such as low carbon, energy, mobility, and digital. If Gwangju, the Gwangju Free Economic Zone Authority, the French Embassy, and the FKCCI sign an MOU, we will be able to achieve positive outcomes."


Mayor Lee said, "It would be necessary to prioritize the signing of the MOU and proceed with investment and cooperation in sectors where France and Korea can start." In response, Mr. Lefort suggested specifying investment and cooperation by establishing friendly cooperation between Gwangju and French cities.



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