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French Business Awards 2024 - Call for Applications

Nominate your Company to the FKCCI French Business Awards & Get the chance to participate to the Global CCI Competition!


French Business Awards 2024 are designed to highlight the exceptional achievements and groundbreaking innovations of French companies throughout the year 2023. These awards span across five distinct categories:   

  • Best Startup  

  • Best French Entrepreneur in Korea  

  • Corporate Social Responsibility   

  • Best Export Performance   

  • Best Korean Establishment in France  

The laureates of these awards will be acknowledged for their exceptional contributions to French-Korean relations and will be nominated for the global competition of CCIFI awards held in Paris on June 24th. This international competition, under the patronage of the French President, gathers French companies from across the world and provides a unique occasion to recognize their success abroad.

Winners will also receive visibility through a wide promotion campaign across all FKCCI's communication channels. Apply through the form below until Monday, March 25th 2024 and send it to communication(@)

Application Form



Best Startup  

This trophy rewards a company recently created by at least one French individual, distinguished by its creativity, originality, dynamism, growth prospects, or its ability to raise funds...  

📢 The elements evaluated by the jury include the degree of innovation, integration of the concept into the company's market, and the company's development. 

Best French Entrepreneur in Korea 

 This award distinguishes a company initiated abroad by at least one French individual, without organic ties to a company in France, which has either experienced an exemplary trajectory or offers promising growth prospects.  

📢 The elements evaluated by the jury include the company's trajectory, integration into its local market, and the evolution of its workforce and revenue. 

Corporate Social Responsibility   

 This trophy distinguishes companies that have demonstrated their commitment to a process aimed at integrating social, environmental, ethical, or human rights concerns into their business operations and core strategy.  

📢 The elements evaluated by the jury include the social project, environmental and societal impact, societal involvement, and sustainability of the action. 

Best Export Performance   

 This award recognizes the company that has distinguished itself through the effectiveness of its export development strategy, with tangible results and a notable increase in its export revenue.  

📢 The elements evaluated by the jury include the implementation strategy and the significant evolution of the company's results (export revenue, workforce). 

Best Korean Establishment in France 

 This trophy distinguishes companies that have invested in France in the past 3 or 4 years, with significant contributions in terms of job creation, innovation, economic impact on the local territory, and investment made.  

📢 The elements evaluated by the jury include the implantation strategy, the perspective of evolution, and the economic impact on its local environment. 



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