Kofic and CNC establish Korea-France Film Academy to strengthen cooperation in cinematographic field

France, Korea to deepen bilateral cooperation in the cinematographic field

The Korean Film Council (KOFIC) and the Centre National Cinematography in France (CNC) agreed to establish the Korea-France Film Academy. Park Ki-yong, chairperson of KOFIC, and Dominique Boutonnat, chairperson of CNC, discussed the need for cooperation in the film sector at the ‘Korea-France Roundtable’ at the Festival de Cannes in May and at the ‘KOFIC-CNC Film Industry Forum’ at the Busan International Film Festival in October, agreeing to establish the ‘Korea-France Film Academy.’

KOFIC and CNC will co-organize detailed programs during the first half of 2023, led by the Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA) and the French National Superior School for the Professions of Image and Sound (La Fémis), which have been exchanging since 2008. The detailed programs will consist of three parts: △Fostering human resources through student and project exchanges between Korean and French film schools, △Research on film production methods such as producers, directors, and writers, and △Strengthening links among companies in the two countries through exchange programs, under the plan that Korea and France join forces to foster convergent core human resources that will lead the future film and video culture as well as movies throughout the film industry. 

"Korea and France have high market shares of their own films and have the world's most brilliant and diverse film industry policies," said Dominique Boutonnat, chairperson of CNC, who first proposed the ‘Korea-France Film Academy.’ He continued, “Korea is making the world's most original, powerful, creative, and ambitious films. The world-famous Korean directors, including Bong Joonho, Lee Changdong, Park Chanwook, and Hong Sangsoo, have captivated the French audience with brilliant success,” expressing the purpose of the proposal for the ‘Korea-France Film Academy.’ 

KOFIC and CNC will prepare more detailed programs during the first half of 2023 and announce the results at the Festival de Cannes 2023. 


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