Korea-France Joint Coordinating Committee on Nuclear Energy expects a higher level of cooperation on spent fuel management

Comité de coordination conjointe Corée-France sur l'énergie nucléaire

The 25th Korea-France Joint Coordinating Committee on Nuclear Energy(JCCNE) was held on November 18, 2022 in the lounges of "L'Aéro-club de France" in Paris with nearly forty participants.

Coordinated jointly by the CEA (Atomic Energy Commission) of France and the MSIT of Korea, it brings together every two years the representatives of the administrations and research organizations of the nuclear sector of the two countries. Created more than 40 years ago, the objective of this bilateral partner is to coordinate joint R&D programs in the field of nuclear energy between the two countries on nuclear energy.

During the keynote speeches, France and Korea stressed the similarity of their energy policies, both based on reviving nuclear power by building new reactors and extending the life of existing reactors. It was agreed to give a new leap to Franco-Korean scientific collaboration, with particular emphasis on spent fuel management.

The Committee noted that limiting greenhouse gas emissions should be a priority and that nuclear energy could be a means of achieving these objectives. The technical exchanges highlighted the quality and high scientific level of the collaboration.

"The current context will offer many opportunities for both our countries to compete and collaborate in the future" said Dr. Pascal CHAIX, Deputy Director of International Relations at the CEA and Co-Chair of the Committee. "Continuous bilateral collaboration is a major asset to meet tomorrow's energy challenges together."





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