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La Bouche Rouge Paris: “Beauty for you and the planet, refillable and responsible.”

Paul-Emile Gerlier, hosted at the FKCCI, presents La Bouche Rouge Paris, the rising French luxury cosmetics brand, taking the lead on sustainability.

La Bouche Rouge denotes having a voice and sharing a message. As a brand, it signifies our revolutionary spirit and unwavering commitment to transforming beauty in the interest of people and planet.

More than 1 billion lipsticks are thrown away every year.  A large majority of them are made out of plastic and cannot be recycled, participating in the third most polluting industry in the world.

The XXth century created “Green Beauty” and clean formulas. With this launch we are entering the XXIst century with a new, holistic vision of “Blue Beauty”: clean for you, the planet and the people who produce it.

“We are committed to creating a world in which the sublime beauty of nature is celebrated and restored by the embrace of conscious practices.” - - Founder Nicolas Gerlier

La Bouche Rouge creates precious objects, which accompany women all throughout their lives. It weaves an enduring bond between French craftsmanship, beauty, and sustainability.


Reintroducing the artisanal tradition is for us the most beautiful way to fight the use of plastic and put traditional know-how back into our daily lives.

Our Métiers d’Art case collection is a tribute to French craftsmanship, developed by the artisans of the Tanneries du Puy. They are holder of the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”, the label honouring their excellence of French know-how and mastery of rare traditional techniques.



We create and develop our beauty formulas in our own laboratory in France. We guarantee that they were produced without petrochemicals derivatives and with respect for people and the planet.



At La Bouche Rouge, we have built sustainability into our product designs to address the alarming volume of disposable packaging. We have chosen craftsmanship to replace plastic and created precious refillable cases. Refill your personalised case in one click.

Discover more about our new product launches, most recent collaborations and new store openings globally.


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