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LBI Korea 2021 New Program : Link Leadership

LBI has developed a course for middle managers willing to learn the importance and the essentials of a ‘link leader’.

LBI has developed a course for young leaders. Through this course middle managers can learn how to manage upward & downward between the leaders and followers and learn the importance and the essentials of a ‘link leader’. LBI has prepared various cases and theories that can be applied to real situations in the ‘with corona’ era.

The training consultancy provides a leadership program that suits every role in an organization followed by LBI’s self-leadership program, ‘Followership’. The ‘Link Leadership’ program will be a good solution for clients who seek a leadership program for middle managers.

LBI states it is committed to support businesses navigating these unprecedented times.



  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a middle manager by bridging the leader and followers.
  • Develop leadership capability as a middle manager by studying the essential abilities and skills as a link leader.


  • Improve performance and reinforce teamwork by presenting visions and motivation to the middle manager.
  • Apply link leadership on-site through diagnostics tool and games that have high credibility, case study and various activities.


  • Part 1: What is Link Leadership?
  • Part 2: 6 principles and techniques of Link Leadership
  • Part 3: Link Leadership Action Plan


2021 Link Leadership brochure download


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