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L’Oréal Korea will launch make-your-own lip tint device, ‘Rouge Sur Mesure’

L’Oréal - Rouge Sur Mesure

L’Oréal Korea will launch an at-home device that creates customized lip tint colors. Yves Saint Laurent ‘Rouge Sur Mesure’, the newly launched product, will deliver thousands of color schemes using its four-ingredient cartridges, red, nude, orange and pink, which customers can design their own color and try on virtually by using a mobile application.


The product was powered by the Perso system, which is an AI-powered technology for personalized cosmetic formulas that was unveiled at CES2020. Customers can even detach the lid of the device and take their lip tint outside, just like a compact case.


Christian Marcos, CEO of L’Oréal Korea said, “L’Oréal has perfected research on customized at-home beauty technology to meet the personalized needs of our consumers.”


L’Oréal Korea will run a pop-up store at the Gangnam branch of Shinsegae Department Store up till Feb. 13 to try out the product before its official launch on Feb. 25.


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