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Lyreco Korea’s Eco day : Plogging and Water Purification Activities in Yangjae-cheon

Lyreco Korea eco day at Yangjae-cheon

On June 22nd, Lyreco Korea, a renowned global provider of workplace solutions, actively participated in an array of environmental activities as part of their ongoing Eco Campaign. The event showcased Lyreco Korea's commitment to environmental stewardship and their dedication to making a positive impact on the local ecosystem.

The event started with all members of Lyreco Korea attending a brief lecture to gain an understanding of the purpose and methodology of the planned initiatives. The day's activities began with a plogging session, a combination of jogging and picking up litter, starting from Lyreco's office and covering a 4km route along Yangjae-cheon. Equipped with biodegradable plastic gloves and bags, all employees actively participated in collecting trash along the way, contributing to the cleanliness of the surroundings.

In collaboration with the Gangnam district Volunteer Center, employees also engaged in the creation of EM soil balls. This involved combining microbial powder and fermented liquid to form small balls, which were then tossed into the Yangjae-cheon river. Over the course of several weeks, these EM soil balls will gradually dissolve in the water, aiding the dispersion of microorganisms and assisting in the purification of the river.

Since 2016, Lyreco Korea has been steadly organizing Eco Campaigns. However, due to the temporary disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, all activities had been put on hold.

Lyreco Korea’s external communication manager said, "We conducted this campaign to raise the awareness of the eco-friendly actions and help preserving our environment," and added, "We will continue to carry out various activities for our society and planet.” 


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