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Renault Korea embarks on a new brand identity journey in South Korea, reconnecting with its French DNA

“Born in France, made in Korea! Renault Korea’s new challenge!" Discover Renault Korea rebranding and new flagship store in Seongsu!

  • Renault Korea, along with its name and emblem change, shares Renault's 125-year history and brand value with Korean customers.
  • Renault Korea implement the 'Electro Pop' brand strategy centered around three technologies: E-Tech, Connectivity, and Human First.
  • Renault Korea opened the flagship store 'Renault Seongsu,' a newly designed multipurpose cultural space with contributions from a French design team.


Renault, a renowned French automotive brand, is embarking on a new journey in South Korea. Renault Korea (CEO Stéphane Deblaise) announced on April 3rd that they are changing their name from Renault Korea Motors to 'Renault Korea' and their official emblem to the Renault emblem 'Losange,' shaped like a diamond, from the eye of a typhoon.

The renaming and emblem change by Renault Korea signify not only sharing the values of the French automotive brand 'Renault,' which has a 125-year history, more actively with domestic customers but also moving beyond being just a car sales and manufacturing company in Korea to becoming a beloved mobility brand. Accordingly, Renault Korea is also updating some of the vehicles currently on sale in the domestic market. XM3, which has gained great popularity in overseas markets like Europe, will be released as 'New Renault Arkana' with the same model name and emblem as the global model. QM6, with high familiarity and popularity in the domestic market, will be sold with the Losange emblem applied to the existing model name as 'New Renault QM6.' SM6 will maintain both the model name and emblem as they are.


Electro Pop brand strategy centered around E-Tech, Connectivity, and Human First

Along with the name and emblem change, Renault Korea plans to apply Renault's new brand strategy, 'Electro Pop,' to the domestic market.

Renault's Electro Pop brand strategy is based on three core technologies: Renault's E-Tech electrification technology, which encompasses hybrid and pure electric vehicle technologies based on motorsports F1 expertise; Connectivity technology centered around Renault's advanced infotainment OpenR Link to innovate the driving experience; and Human First program prioritizing user safety.

Through the Electro Pop strategy, Renault aims to provide a unique consumer experience that combines the latest innovative technology and trends with the French sensibility of design and practicality, representing Renault's heritage.

In the domestic market, Renault Korea plans to launch a new hybrid midsize SUV (project name Aurora1) in the second half of this year, applying the latest French design sensibility and innovative technology to the world-renowned CMA platform. With this new vehicle, Renault Korea aims to further enhance its reputation as a company that provides the highest level of products and services to domestic customers.


Flagship store 'Renault Seongsu' to provide customers with a special experience

Alongside this strategy announcement, Renault Korea has opened its first flagship store, 'Renault Seongsu,' in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, to provide a special customer experience. Renault Seongsu is designed as a multipurpose cultural space where customers can enjoy various experiences, including exhibitions, service centers, cafes, pop-up stores, and the sale of 'The Original' Renault items.

Renault Seongsu has been renovated to align with Renault's new global marketing standards, covering the entire first and second floors of the existing building constructed in 1995. The French Renault headquarters design team participated to reflect Renault's identity authentically, and unique patterns inspired by the works of French artist Victor Vasarely have been incorporated into the exterior design. The interior features Korean details in everything from tiles to furniture and decorations, completing a truly special design.

Furthermore, Renault Korea recently announced plans to invest 118 billion won in equipment replacement for hybrid and electric vehicle production at the Busan plant over the next three years and to hire 200 new employees to prepare for future vehicle production.


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