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The Korean International Theater and Arts Company will host its first "Francophone" Theater Festival!

festival theatre francophonie corée

KITAC, Korean International Theater and Arts Company is happy to present its program for the first time in Korea of a Francophone theatre festival. With the aim of promoting the French language but also strengthening French-Korean cultural ties, with particular regard for new generations wishing to discover the Francophonie.

Taking place at the Dream Art Center in the theatres neighborhood of Hyewha, the festival will last from March 27th to 31st.

Sponsored by the famous actor Jacques Weber who played in Seoul last Spring, the program is varied with theatre companies coming from different French-speaking countries such as Guyanne and Belgium but also France of course with the prestigious writer and actor Lorànt Deutsch who will present his last two shows "Paris, a walk along the Seine" and "The crazy adventure of the French language".

Check the full program below!

Beyond this festival, it will be a space for meetings and cultural discoveries:
• 5 days of French-language theatre, from March 27 to 31, 2019.
• 5 theatre companies from France (including one from Guyana), Korea and Belgium.
• Shows in French and one in Korean, with surtitles in Korean, English or French.
• A guest of honour: Lorànt DEUTSCH, who will present his last two shows "Paris, a walk along the Seine" and "The crazy adventure of the French language".
• 5 days of workshops, conferences and concerts, open to the public.

The festivities of the Francophonie are a unique opportunity to bring together various countries, continents and cultures around the French language and to celebrate, together, the universal values it embodies. It is more alive than ever, vibrant, showing every day an ever-changing modernity, and theatre is one of its most beautiful expressions.


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