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The Luxury Business Institute Korea hosts the 2021 Retail Leadership Academy

The Luxury Business Institute Korea hosts the 2021 Retail Leadership Academy

LBI will be holding the 2021 Retail Leadership Academy in partnership with the global leadership consulting firm DDI!

In DDI’s ‘Global Leadership Forecast 2021’ it is mentioned that during the crisis, a leader had 34% of more desire to learn compared to the Pre-Covid era. It is shown that the concerns and worries of leaders during unpredictable economic and social situations have increased their devotion to learn.

In the current sanitary circumstances, organizations have to find a new way to adjust to the new circumstances, but at the same time to adjust within the budget scope and ensure internal stability. To overcome these challenges, leadership will play as a key factor. As the crisis is not about short-term solutions anymore, leaders should play an important role as a ‘pacemaker’ in the long-run and prevent team members from burnouts.

With such challenges in mind, LBI Korea is partnering up with DDI to launch the '2021 Retail Leadership Academy'  to take place on Feb. 17th to 18th!

This learning program will have several objectives:

  • Strengthen skills and capability as a leader for retail excellence
  • Understand the changes in customers and the retail environment during the post-pandemic era
  • Understand store operation and master practical skills
  • Understand the importance of communication and interaction
  • Acquire communication skills and feedback skills through practices

Program information

  • Date & Time: Feb. 17th & 18th, 2021 9:30AM - 6:30PM
  • Registration period: ~February 10th, 2021 (Wed.)
  • Location: 4Fl, Baegang Bldg. 801 Seolleung-ro LBI Korea Room 4A
  • Registration fee: 800,000 KRW
  • Inquiry: Bogyeol Choi (bgchoi(@) / 02-2185-8206)
  • Registration link:

More information in the brochure (KR): 2021 Retail Leadership Academy Brochure.pdf

Luxury Business Institute (LBI) is Asia’s first consulting, training, and HR recruiting company based in Korea, France, Hong Kong, and China for professionals working in the sectors of luxury retail, automobile, electronics, hospitality, beauty & cosmetics, and lifestyle brands. Our dedicated service scope includes team members Training- offline, online or in blended, Business Strategy, Quality of Service Assessment and Digital Marketing. All actions driven in full consistency with your core strategy.

SNA-DDI provides solutions to Korean companies in partnership with DDI, a global leadership consulting firm celebrating 50 years of helping organizations hire, promote, and develop exceptional leaders. SNA-DDI will continue to strengthen Talent Management through the best global solution partnerships and provide optimized services to Korean companies.


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