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Pro Workshop by CLT

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Pro Workshop - Intercultural Coaching on France for Korean by CLT 한국인을 위한 프랑스 비즈니스 코칭



  • Acknowledgment through assessment of country profil / 셀프 평가를 통한 차이점 인지

  • Increasing your understanding of French culture, history, and people  on French assignment success / 프랑스와 성공적인 비즈니스를 위한  프랑스 문화, 역사, 사람의 이해를 증진

  • Understanding the cultural foundation of French it’s influence on social and business behavior / 프랑스 문화의 기초이해,  문화가 사회와 비즈니스에 끼치는 영향

  • Develop intercultural skills to successfully communicate across the cultures / 프랑스와 교류하는 사업가, 프랑스에 진출하는 사업에 성공을 위한 1:1 비즈니스 전략

  • Discuss the business expectations and management practices of French and business strategies to accomplish your assignment objectives successfully / 프랑스인과의 비즈니스관리, 비즈니스 상황 토의

  • Focus on your priority areas to transition successfully into your host country.



  •  Korean nationals



  • Cross Culture / 문화란
  • French Foundation / 프랑스 역사
  • Who’s French / 프랑스인은 누구인가
  • Business Style / 비즈니스 스타일
  • Difference and similarities / 유사점과 차이점
  • Negotiation with French / 프랑스인과 협상
  • Do’s and Don’ts in France / 프랑스에서 할 것과 하지 말아야 할 것
  • French Communication Style / 프랑스식 대화
  • Motivating French / 프랑스인의 동기부여
  • Successful networking with French / 프랑스인과 성공적인 인맥관리
  • Key to success / 성공하기 위한 요소



Ms. Diane E.HONG, CEO of CLT

  • A guest speaker on TBS eFM radio talk program designed to give information to foreigners who are residing in Korea and to talk about etiquette and business etiquette and culture in Korea.
  • Hosted many times on Kyung-in radio to talk about global etiquette to Korean business people.
  • Has taught Korean culture since 2005 on Arirang radio station, DMB broadcast station, to the global listeners all over the world.
  • An intercultural coach and business consultant to numerous global companies such as Samsung Electronics, Samsung Global Strategy Teams, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Air Liquide, BAT, Schneider Electric, Otis Elevator, Laureal co., SIWA, AWC, BASS presentations, U.S. Senator, Boeing, GE, P&G, GM, J&J, Statoil, BP, Infineon, Porche, Metso, Nike etc. for years to coach about Korea as well as business strategy, communication skills, and all other essential topics. 
  • Be awarded “Certificate of Excellence” by Cartus and reached 100% Trainer Top Block and 100% Overall Evaluation from clients.



Pierre Cohen-Aknine

  • Kavod & Pierre Ltd. CEO and Founder
  • Cobal Media, CEO, FnC Advisor
  • Joonang Daily News, Josun Daily News, Leon Magazine, Bar n Dining, Columnist
  • Lectured for MBA, at Yeonse Univ.
  • Mr. Cohen-Akinine has been lecturing Marketing and professor at Joonang Univ., Seoul for 20 years
  • ESCP Business School of Montpellier. Master in Business Administration and Marketing 경영학 석사
  • French, France National, Lived in Korea for 37 years

Dr. Choi, Chang-Young

  • Professor at the University of Dongguk, Seoul
  • Lecturer of the Institute of Le Monde
  • Lecturer of University of Inalco, Paris, France
  • Ph. D. from University of Paris 7, Paris, France. Majored in Linguistics. / B.A and Master’s Degree from Dongguk, Seoul
  • Dr. Choi had live in Paris, France for 10 years.


Useful Information

DATE      Thursday, March  21st, 2019, 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

VENUE    FKCCI Office Meeting Room  (Joy Tower 11th fl., 7, Teheran-ro 37-gil,

               Gangnam-gu, Seoul/ 서울특별시 강남구 테헤란로 37길 7 조이타워 11층)

FEES      170,000 KRW for FKCCI's Members

              200,000 KRW for Non-members

                *10% VAT included

                *Special discount for group participants (more than 3 persons)



  • Workshop conducted in Korean  and limited to 10 participants.
  • Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Cancellations must be notified at least 1 week prior to the event, after which cancellation and no-shows will be charged accordingly.
  • Free snacks served during the program.


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