Supply Chain Risks & Opportunities in Asia-Pacific

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Geodis Korea - Supply Chain Risks & Opportunities in Asia-Pacific with Luca Silipo


Will the role of Asia-Pacific countries in the global economy remain strong or change for the better as corporations re-design their supply chains? And how can Korea leverage this headwind to reinforce economic growth?

FKCCI and GEODIS invite you to exchange on the "Risks & Opportunities for Supply Chain Change in Asia-Pacific".

Our expert, Mr. Luca Silipo, Chief Economist, will share with you his up-to-date market insights that are essential to support your decision-making process. 




The ongoing global geopolitical and economic events are changing the world permanently. Globalization 1.0, which essentially relied on China as the manufacturer for the West, has produced extremely complex and extended supply chains. Amidst the current uncertainty, these supply chains create a significant increase in the operational costs and risks for global corporations. Will the global economic role of Asia-Pacific countries decrease or increase as corporations redesign their supply chains?


Keynote speaker


LUCA SILIPO - Chief Economist, Data and Digital Strategy: Data, Platforms, Culture and Sustainability at GEODIS

• Luca started his career in finance after a post-grad in Geneva, Switzerland.

• As an economist, then chief economist for investment banks, he lived in London, Milan, New York, Paris, and Hong Kong.

• After fifteen years in industry, he moved to the real sector. He created and currently leads the GEODIS World Lab, a multidisciplinary research department responsible for providing top-down strategic input to the board of one of the world's largest supply chain companies.

• He is an expert in strategic planning and change in large companies, social and environmental transitions, and quantitative risk management and assessment.

• He has taught at numerous universities in North America, Europe and Asia.




8:15 am | Welcome & Networking with Breakfast (45')

9:00 am | Opening Speech (5')

9:05 am | Presentation by Mr. Luca SILIPO, Chief Economist at GEODIS (45') 

9:50 am | Q&A session (30')

10:20 am | Networking follow up 


Useful information


Date | 21 March 2023 (Tuesday)

Time | 8:15-10:20 am (KST)

Location | Geodis Korea Office (Yeouido, Seoul)

Language | English

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