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Air France-KLM and Bluebell Korea to enter into partnership for corporate SAF program

Air France-KLM and Bluebell Korea to enter into partnership for corporate SAF program

On July 28, Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines(KLM from here on) signed a corporate partnership with luxury brand distributor Bluebell Korea to promote SAF(Sustainable Aviation Fuel). The two French companies’ partnership is the first partnership for SAF in Korea.

Air France-KLM runs a “Corporate SAF program” where businesses worldwide can contribute to sustainable flying. Participating businesses can make a yearly contribution based on an estimate of carbon emissions from business trip air travel.

Air France-KLM will purchase SAF with the contribution raised by the partnership. SAF can reduce carbon emissions up to 80% during its life cycle. A report showing evidence for the program’s achieved reductions will be provided to Bluebell Korea. With this partnership, Bluebell Korea will build a system reducing carbon emissions from business trips in managing its Asian distribution network as a CSR effort.

Guillaume Glass, general manager for Korea, Japan, and New Caledonia at Air France-KLM, said, “I am happy to welcome Bluebell Korea, leading luxury brand distributor in Asia, that shares our value of ‘sustainability,’ as the first SAF partner in Korea. With this partnership, Air France-KLM and Bluebell Korea take the crucial first step for sustainability.”

Daniel Mayran, president of Bluebell Korea, said, “Sustainability is also a priority for luxury and retail, making this partnership especially meaningful because the value of sustainability adds to Bluebell Korea’s journey to introduce brands to Asia and Korea as a ‘brand curator.’ It will become one of the various efforts ongoing by staff for years to emphasize sustainable development in Korea.”


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