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FKCCI explores the intersection of Energy Transition and AI with Kotra and 17 foreign chambers

FKCCI explores the intersection of Energy Transition and AI with Kotra and 17 foreign chambers

FKCCI and KOTRA (Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency) have joined forces to host a groundbreaking event that delves into the crossroads of energy transition and artificial intelligence (AI). Marking the 12th edition of the Business+ Forum series, the FKCCI x KOTRA Business+ Forum: Energy Transition in the Age of Artificial Intelligence was successfully held on October 26th, 2023, at the Andaz Seoul Gangnam. Supported by 17 foreign chambers, the event marked a significant milestone in fostering an international dialogue on sustainable energy solutions, gathering more than 40 foreign and Korean industry stakeholders. 

The forum featured enlightening presentations by three distinguished experts in the field: Jean-Claude MASY, Head of the Energy and New Technologies Department at the French Embassy in South Korea; Dr. Woong Tae CHUNG, Head of the International Energy Cooperation Center of the Korea Energy Economic Institute (KEEI); Dr. Imai Jen-La Plante, Chief Data Scientist of the Green Climate Fund (GCF).  

Jean-Claude Masy provided an insightful overview of France's successful management of carbon emissions, attributed to the country's reliance on nuclear energy and strategic implementation of centralized energy transition policies. He further emphasized France's ambitious objectives concerning the advancement of renewable energy sources and the development of a hydrogen policy. 

Shifting the focus to South Korea, Woong Tae CHUNG brought attention to the pressing challenges and opportunities within South Korea's energy transition. He highlighted the nation's significant dependence on energy imports, emphasizing efforts aimed at fortifying energy security and curbing greenhouse gas emissions. The presentation advocated for enhanced energy collaboration between South Korea and France, delving into the various initiatives and obstacles encountered by both countries during this transformative process. 

Lastly, Imai Jen-La Plante elucidated the pivotal role of AI in expediting the adoption of eco-friendly energy alternatives. She emphasized the critical need for cost optimization in the training and operation of AI models, underscoring its significance in securing a sustainable future. Furthermore, the discussion emphasized the untapped potential of specialized AI tools in harnessing advanced applications of generative AI for sustainable energy solutions. 

The event was enriched by the participation of 17 foreign chambers and foreign investment companies who had the opportunity to explore AI’s potential within the context of eco-friendly energy transition and to gain insights into the future shifts in the energy sector.  

Patrice Devémy, CEO of S-Oil TotalEnergies Lubricants and Board member of the FKCCI, stated, " During the recent meeting between President Yoon and President Macron, strategic cooperation between France and South Korea was defined, particularly in the energy sector, including nuclear, hydrogen, renewable energies, and new technologies. The FKCCI is actively involved in this sector through its energy committee. With 450 members, we proudly rank as the 3rd foreign chamber in Korea and the 6th in the network of French Chambers abroad. We operate 6 sectoral committees, including one dedicated to energy. The FKCCI energy committee aims to bring together leaders from the French and Korean energy fields for discussions and best practice sharing. This KOTRA Business Forum presents an opportunity to establish new partnerships between international and Korean communities." 

Jung-Hun Lee, Executive Vice President of KOTRA, remarked, “Energy transition is a critical factor for business growth. I hope this forum serves as an opportunity for both domestic and international companies to understand the trends related to carbon neutrality in Europe, in addition to fulfilling their social responsibilities." 



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