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FKCCI Luxury Committee explores Korea’s thriving art scene through Frieze Seoul

FKCCI Luxury Committee explores Korea’s thriving art scene through Frieze Seoul

The French-Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) hosted the second edition of its Luxury Committee at Josun Palace on September 19th, featuring Mr. Patrick LEE, the Director of Frieze Seoul, as the distinguished speaker. With the gracious support of Bluebell Korea, the event brought together more than 30 leaders from global luxury groups to explore the theme of "Shaping the Evolution of the Korean Art Scene”, with a special focus on the pivotal role of art fairs.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Mr. Daniel MAYRAN, Chairman of Bluebell Korea and President of the Luxury Committee. During his welcoming speech, Mr. MAYRAN shared his insights on the Korean market, drawing from his extensive 22 years of experience in this ever-evolving landscape.

“I have witnessed the remarkable evolution of the Korean luxury market and the discerning tastes of its consumers over 22 years. There is no doubt that the Korean market has matured significantly to appreciate what luxury is and the same applies to the art scene. […] Considering the fact that art and luxury share common values such as creativity, scarcity, and uniqueness, it becomes essential to understand Korea’s artistic aspect to better serve Korean consumers."

Mr. Patrick LEE, an esteemed expert in the art world, took the stage to provide valuable insights on the pivotal role that Frieze has played in the dynamic Korean art landscape. With more than 15 years of experience in the art industry, including leadership roles at Gallery Hyundai and ONE AND J. Gallery, he shed light on the current state and evolution of the Korean contemporary art scene. Through his presentation, Mr. LEE explained how Frieze Week enriches the cultural landscape by creating broader experiences for attendees through partnerships with luxury brands, museums, and nonprofits, portraying Frieze Seoul as a vital platform that showcases exceptional contemporary art from galleries of the highest quality, with a strong representation from Asia. He also stressed the importance of intelligent interactions among these players in advancing the art ecosystem and creating meaningful experiences.

"A great art fair is a platform for discussion and meaningful relationships. While art sales are important, they can't be the final arbiter of success. If you came to Seoul and you met the owner of Leeum or the curator of Mplus, private collectors, great critics, or press, I think those are the true measures of success. For me, it’s about the abundance of opportunities and the potential to create long-term connections among galleries, curators, museums, collectors, and the press.”

The event continued with an engaging Q&A session, deepening the dialogue between Mr. LEE and the audience. During this interactive session, Mr. LEE reiterated his strong advocacy for collaboration between luxury brands and the art world and emphasized the intriguing overlap that exists between the audiences of these two worlds, underlining their shared appreciation for beauty and cultural experiences.

Mr. LEE expressed, "Koreans appreciate both creativity and artistry, making it a natural convergence. Partnerships between luxury brands and the art world not only celebrate creativity but also align with the demographics of a high-end audience. We've seen successful collaborations that creatively celebrate the artistic process and enhance the appreciation of beauty."

Following the Q&A session, the event concluded on a high note and guests had the opportunity to network while enjoying a delightful lunch, generously provided by Bluebell Korea.

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